Valentine’s Day or an Excuse to Love Yourself?



Are you tired of celebrating Valentine’s Day alone? Are you sick of all of the hype of this nonreligious holiday? Well, while I am with you, Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, and of course, the many other talented and hysterical actors starring in that show, have taught me the importance of friends, family, and self love. Yes, I am referring to “TREAT YO’ SELF” (Tom and Donna’s thing). But in reality, you shouldn’t celebrate your loved ones, including yourself, only one day a year, but also the other 364 days! I guess this holiday is nice if you think about all of the businesses profiting off of you from it. The heck with it. As a future marketer, I technically should be applauding the celebration of this “Hallmark Holiday” (but I don’t. Shhh.)

I did a little bit of the above this weekend – celebrate your friends, your family, and yourself. I decided to come home this weekend (mostly because I did not want to spend it alone in my humble abode), but really to spend time with those I love most. I decided Friday was the day for myself. I treated myself to some leftover Starbucks sitting in the fridge, blushed on some rosy cheeks and soft pink lips, put on a pair of black jeggings, slid on high black booties, threw on a t-shirt that reads “I don’t work on Fridays. I make appearances” and topped it off with faux leather jacket and cheetah-print Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. I felt confident and as if I had treated myself. I mean, technically I did because this was the first day I was able to wear that top! After class that morning, I headed home and decided to just chillax on the couch and do nothing. How rewarding?

I dedicated Saturday to spending time with my mother and my cousins who live a few doors down.  You know what the best part of the day was? Obnoxious and silly photos taken with Snapchat’s hilarious effects. Besides sitting on the couch and photographing ourselves, we went shopping for a large bookshelf and ordered takeout from a local Italian restaurant who prepares the BEST eggplant parm I’ve ever consumed. Later that night I completed my homework. Who needs to go out on a Saturday night when you can stay in and accomplish all of your homework for the next week in only a few hours? Not me.

Ah then Sunday, the 14th of February, aka Valentine’s Day or “Galentine’s Day,” came around.  I had a few friends over for brunch, which was absolutely lovely, and then hung out with my family for literally the next 14 hours. Side note: If you don’t know this already, I have an extremely strong bond and amazing relationship with my family and I am SO thankful for everything they do!  On the day of all days, I took the time to celebrate my love for my family and my little “girlfriends.” We hit Starbucks up (sort of), went shopping, out to dinner, and of course took many selfies. I also decided to treat myself with the most delicious veggie burger I’ve ever had at The Continental AND frozen leftover birthday cake. Okay let’s be real. I don’t need a piece of chocolate when there is SAM’S Club vanilla cake frosted with buttercream icing sitting in the freezer. That’s 1000x better than a box of chocolates that taste gross and a dozen roses, but hey, that’s just me.

Although the main part of this day is gift-giving, I decided to show my appreciation for myself, my friends, and my family through proving to each and every one of these souls my love for them with open arms and puckered lips. You don’t need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a Louis Vuitton tote to prove to your beloved how wonderful they are or spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie for your man. You can stay in, put on a marathon of your favorite movies, consume popcorn, chocolate, and hot cocoa, and cook a beautiful candlelit dinner your favorite person in the entire world.

In all honesty, it’s the PRESENCE that counts, not the PRESENTS.


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