Happy Days and Brighter Thoughts. Thank You, Alt & Indie Music.

I was walking out of my business ethics class when I opened the Spotify app on my phone, clicked on my “junior year” playlist, hit the first song I noticed staring me down, and then hit the “next” arrow when the song, “Someday” by Two Door Cinema Club came on. The easily-identifiable voice of lead singer Alex Trimble, timbre of the electric guitar used, and fast-paced drum beat reminded me of warmer weather and those relaxing, but fun summer days.

Though I was dressed in a warm North Face jacket, PINK sweatpants, and Uggs, I threw on a pair of Chloé shades and walked briskly back to my apartment rocking out to this music. Simultaneously, I was thinking of driving my Honda Element with the windows down, wearing skin-baring attire, thinking about the fun times ahead of me this summer in a shore town.  I was greatly inspired, became happier instantly, and began reminiscing of days that haven’t even occurred yet. Looking forward to this exact feeling, I decided to create a playlist based around this ideal phenomenon that is soon to transpire because of spring break and the summer season quickly approaching.

To take a listen to songs that help influence this feeling, click the play button below.

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