The Importance of Self-Love

IMG_3007.jpegAs some people know, I have created a vast and incredible following on Tumblr. My blog used to be focused on fitness and my personal (as well as others’) health journeys, but I decided there is so much more than trying to decrease body fat to appreciate my body. I turned my mindset into loving myself and my body for the way they are and taking steps in order to improve my mental and physical health as well as sharing the importance of this self-love with others.

So taking a look at my time on Tumblr, I’ve virtually met some of the most incredible human beings, from those in the fitness and health community, to those in the beauty and fashion world. Each and every one continuously impacts my life and shows me the true meaning of life: to be happy and live for the days I am granted. There’s no point in suffering on a daily basis because of someone or something you have no control over, so why not try and be the most positive person you can be? That’s one of the most important concepts I’ve learned from that website.

Besides just trying to strive for a healthy and happy life, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to figure out who you are as a person and to love yourself through each and every step along the way. It’s difficult finding the confidence everyday to go out and try new things, including meeting new people, or perhaps, experimenting with brand new makeup looks, no doubt! However, you have to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are grateful for who you are, you are lucky to have been brought into this world, you are blessed with the body you have, and you are a shining star. It may be hard to actually believe in loving your body, mind, and soul, but if you continuously say, “I love you” to yourself, you actually begin acknowledging that thought and gain a more positive body image.


A key thing in self-love is disregarding hate and ugly vibes sent your way. You have to stop caring what others think of you, and that by far, was one of my greatest challenges. I used to live in a world where I had to watch what I said or made sure I didn’t step on any tiny little crack just to make sure others would like me. But I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was miserable. The fact that I couldn’t be myself or say what I wanted to killed me inside, and one day, I decided to stop living that way. It took me a while to really branch out and not give a rat’s bum. I like(d) me just the way I was and for who I really am. It was also known that people appreciated my weird self and it was SO worth dropping that facade I felt I had to put on for others to enjoy my company. Over the past four years (especially through the help of Tumblr), I’ve gained this unbelievable confidence, I’ve found the true meaning of self-love, and I’ve never been so happy!

It’s incredible how much your mindset and view of the world can change when you begin to find that change within yourself.

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