The Truth about Turning the Big 2-1.

So many people cannot wait until they become legal: for purposes of gambling and drinking. I recently turned 21, but did I expect for it to be as joyous as people make it out to be? Absolutely not. I know I say this in a condescending way, but hear me out.

Turning 21 is an experience to say the least, but not because of the reasons I mentioned IMG_4519-1-1.jpg
above. Turning 21 opens so many doors! Not only do you not feel like a child anymore, but  it gives you the chance to go out and experience life.You can meet hundreds of new people at bars; it allows you to go to networking events that you must meet a specific criteria for; you can attend concerts that are 21+ even if you don’t drink, AND you can finally grab a drink with that guy/girl that you live that may be a few years older than you.

My birthday didn’t live up to the common “21” birthday party; it was so much more. I was able to spend it with those who mean so much to me and enjoy one legal drink without going crazy and becoming a mess compared to so many others. Am I upset for celebrating it the way that society suggests to? In the misspelled words of one of my favorite movie characters, “No ragrets.” Personally, I’m just super excited for all of the future opportunities that will welcome me with open arms. I know, I can be such a nerd.

That night, I was talking to my mom and she said, “Life only gets better from here” and I couldn’t stop crying because I realized then that now my life finally begins.


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