The End & The Beginning


‘Well, that’s a wrap” I whispered to myself as I stepped foot out of the classroom I took my last final in as a junior. It is absolutely crazy to think I am already a senior! Within less than a year, I’ll be looking for a full-time position at some marketing or communication agency, or even better, working within the cosmetic industry as an entry level position. But until facing those struggles, I am looking forward to such an amazing summer full of love, laughter, and lots and lots of hard work in the gym, kitchen, and at work. I am also super excited to be home by the beach this summer and working at a restaurant that resides alongside the bay. Don’t worry, I’ll be “shore” to share some photos with you all 😉

To go along with this great feeling of accomplishing yet another long, but great year as a college undergrad, I created one of my most epic summer workout playlist to this date.

This playlist is full of remixes, EDM, trap, pop, electronic, and just over-all fun and summery music! They will definitely put you in a mood that’ll make you want to kick some butt and sweat your buns off at the gym and/or set you in the mood for partying with some of your best friends.

To all – have yourself a wonderful summer and live in the moment for you never know what or who will be right around the corner.

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