Don’t Worry, I Haven’t Panicked Yet. Let Senior Year Begin!



Argh! It’s been way too long since I’ve written last! I have just felt so unmotivated lately, plus I find it so difficult for me to randomly come up with a topic to share. However, right now I am super excited to sit down in front of my computer and write another piece of my story.

You’re probably thinking, “What is a 21 year old female doing sitting in her room at 10:08 PM on the first Friday night before her senior year begins the coming Monday?” As foolish as this may sound, I wanted to do this! I love “me” time. Although I passing the time with my best gal friends and going out for a delicious meal, I thought it would be extremely beneficial to take the time and totally center it around me before the semester begins. Of course this includes a leisure shower, reorganizing my apartment, drinking a large cup of boiling hot raspberry tea, watching Entourage, cooking myself dinner, filming a vlog in my most casual style, and writing a blog post. I was also planning on reviewing my syllabi and upcoming assignments, but let’s not get ourselves too ahead of the game tonight (I’ll save that for Sunday afternoon).

It’s so weird to think that this is my LAST year as an undergraduate; something that I, and many others, are not ready for. However, it still hasn’t hit me. I still can’t believe the time has passed almost effortlessly (while I had sweat blood and tears over the last few years as I attempted to ace all of my papers, presentations, and tests), while living my life and learning a lot about myself. Soon, I’ll have a big girl job (hopefully) and before I know it, I might be living across the country! Okay, maybe I’m still getting a little ahead of myself.

I’m just sitting back against my desk chair, a tea cup in one hand as I type this with the other, with the largest, cheeriest smile to breakthrough these lips. I’m thinking of all of the potential future opportunities that await for my to conquer over the next few months and years. I am so excited for the future that I have “created” for myself and though I’m quite nervous and anxious for the challenges I may face, I am welcoming them with open arms and can’t wait to meet them eye to eye as I tear them down and become a stronger individual.

Here’s to you and here’s to me. Let’s make some kickin’ history!

PS, if you are in need of a new playlist to assist you in your butt-kicking, karate-chopping semester, check out this playlist I made.

PPS, does anyone have any advice for these next few steps (aka “adulting”)?

PPPS, I chose the above photo to share my happiness with you that was photographed about a week ago when I first moved into this particular apartment.


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