Stop And Make The Time: Monthly Music


Sometimes you get so caught up in all that is occurring in your life that you fail to make time for the things that bring you happiness.

This semester at school has been crazy, but in a good way. I’m taking a full class load, interning, volunteering at another company, and developing a business idea that I may or may not pursue. I always try to make time to lay back, relax, and watch Grey’s Anatomy after accomplishing all of my work, but I haven’t been too motivated to experiment with makeup or make playlists and share them with you all, and that really makes me upset.

Not having the motivation to research things that bring me joy – whether it be new makeup application techniques, trends, and crazy color combinations or researching newly released – makes me quite upset and I hate that I’m slacking.

That is why I decided to launch a “monthly music” playlist concept, which will remain at the footer section of my website and is accessible on all pages. For each month, I will share both old and new music with you that reminds me of each month/season. For example, during the colder seasons, the playlists will typically represent acoustic, singer-songwriter, holiday, and chill electronic music whereas the spring and summer playlists will typically be comprised of house, electronic dance music, and pop music. Towards the beginning of each month, I will update the playlist, so just keep an eye for the name change of the playlist. I will also most likely publish a little blog post describing each song or the general theme per playlist so if you missed out on a specific month, you can go back, search the songs, and fall in love with them just like I had. With this in mind, I’ll probably write a blog post a little later in November discussing the music I chose for this month.

By incorporating this on my website, it forces me to stay current with the genres that make me happy as well as spread my passion for such music. I really hope you enjoy this concept and begin to expand your music collection!

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