Monthly Music: November


For the month of November, I decided to share some of my favorite “chill,” acoustic, and singer-songwriter songs with you all. I wanted to give you a taste of the kinds of vibes, rhythms, melodies, and lyrics I really connect with whether on a physical, mental, and/or emotional level – some of which only really “affect” me during the colder seasons.

Some of these songs originate back to my freshman year of college – where I was continuously soul-searching for who I was and for who I wanted to become. Some of these songs helped me pursue that journey and guided me to become the person I am today. A few of these songs had inspired some of my own poetry and really shed light on some of my experiences during that time. I don’t look at any of my past situations, experiences, and memories as mistakes or downfalls, but rather as lessons that led me to a straighter, smoother path.

However, besides the more emotional connections I have to a few, the chill songs represent songs that help me get through the work day, the nightly commutes to and from my internship, and of course, the school work.  With their softer, slower, and sometimes optimistic and powerful beats, the background music helps me focus and accomplish these priorities.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. “Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)” – ODEZSA
  2. “1998 (feat. Banks)” – Chet Faker
  3. “Human” – Daughter
  4. “Stay” – Lewis Watson
  5. “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” – Gabrielle Aplin
  6. “The Buzz (feat. Mataya & Young Tapz)” – Hermitude
  7. “You and Me” – You+Me
  8. “Northern Wind” – City and Colour
  9. “Bo Peep (Do U Right)” – Shlohmo feat. Jeremih
  10. “Cardiac Arrest (WoodysProduce Remix)” – Bad Suns
  11. “Controlla” – Drake
  12. “Hit Me Harder (feat. Jaymes Young)” – Skizzy Mars
  13. “Panic Cord” – Gabrielle Aplin
  14. “What About Today?” – Lewis Watson
  15. “Where We Gonna Go From Here” – Mat Kearney
  16. “The Power of Love” – Gabrielle Aplin

For the month of December, I plan on including some more electronic-infused songs, as many have just been released that I can definitely expect myself to vibe to during the next month, especially as I prepare for my winter break down in “The Sunshine State” (Florida). However, I will also be incorporating some of my favorite jams that have been released within the past few years.

Stay tuned!

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