Tapping into Old, Forgotten “Pastimes”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Classes are finished and I only have one final this semester. How lucky am I?! I decided during this break to do two things: RELAX and be adventurous! Thank to a few friends, I’ve decided to “tap” into some other creative outlets that I used to be fascinated in including photography (and heavily editing photos), searching for art to purchase, and creating my own collages. All of these bring positivity and spunk back into my life and I am so excited to finally enjoy these “forgotten languages.” But the bad news is… I am so confused how to work my DSLR camera, I don’t understand “famous art,” and I’ve only ever attempted to make collages as a middle schooler.  I guess it’s time to learn and experiment, develop my own artistic abilities other than my makeup skills and playlist-making abilities, and just have fun!

With that said, my friend asked if I’d go take photographs of the sunrise with her down by the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Sadly, we were too tired this past Saturday morning, but did head down there for pictures of the bridge during the sunset that day.  Take a look below to see some of the photos that I had taken (and, of course, edited). Though I felt raw because of how cold I was and improperly dressed for this event, it felt so amazing to explore and try and photograph the beautiful landscape! I think we’ll be rising before dawn this Tuesday, so stay tuned for some more snapshots of the beautiful scenery! I hope to start the collages soon, too.



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