Holiday Vacation 

I decided to take a walk around the park and write a blog post…that’s acceptable right? I know I should probably focus on exercise, considering I have initiated change and better health practices prior to New Years (I used to believe in New Year Resolutions, but why put it off when I can start today?). Anyways, I’m down in Boynton Beach, Florida to escape the cold and enjoy quality time and relaxation with my wonderful family; not exactly sure if the two go together, but let’s ignore that thought. Let me update you a little bit on my life and what has been going on. 

A few weeks ago, I started the ketogenic diet/lifestyle. This way of eating consists of high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. It’s not the most difficult thing I’ve ever done since I can still inhale my cheese, but because I am a carb feen, being away from pasta and bread sometimes haunts me while the rest of my family members stuff their faces with them. I have also performed a lot of research (thank you to Temple University’s online library and Google) and have informed myself heavily about this diet. I am super excited about it because it’s time I put my health and happiness first ESPECIALLY before the New Year comes so I am extra motivated. 

I have also been tapping into the job search. I learned that for marketing and creative positions, these candidates should look for jobs about 3-4 months for positions upon graduation, rather than 7-8 months in advance, but I really wanted to take a look at the different communications and marketing agencies around the country. The question that I constantly face is where do I want to go? Do I want to stay in the Philadelphia region? Is there growth within this field within this location? Should I look more towards NYC, LA, or MIA? Would I prefer to work at a small, medium, or large agency? Of course I have to think about the big picture and where I can build the best experiences for myself and take advantage of the opportunities at hand, but there are so many forces that play and will play a huge role on this choice. On another stressful note, I learned that I have to accept another internship next semester, so I’ll be taking a full course load again and working two internships. While this plays a toll on my life, it’ll further my time management skills, create new experiences, teach me more about start ups and marketing, and hopefully create wonderful networking opportunities and contacts for the future. I’m pretty excited about it, but definitely nervous for the challenge! 

Besides thinking about the “stressful” aspects mentioned above, I have really been enjoying this gorgeous weather down on the southern east coast. We have gone to the beach multiple times, traveled to Boca Raton to visit family at the Mizner Village/Boca Raton Resort and swam in the pool, and cooked beautiful dinners (and of course, ate out, too). We also have a tradition of playing cards ALL THE TIME while down here, which is one of my favorite activities to do. Also, since I haven’t done it yet, I decided to finally apply for birthright! My sister, cousins, other family members, and friends constantly ask when I’m going on birthright and I never had the answer; yes I’ve wanted to go, but I didn’t have that push factor to go. I decided that right after graduation may be the only time I have to take advantage of this opportunity, so why not get a head start now and look forward to going on this trip of a lifetime this summer…hopefully.

I want to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy, healthy, and wonderful new year!


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