And the Countdown Begins…

Not actually, though.

As many of you should know, I will be graduating in May. Ah, alas.


Yes, I am now on the bandwagon of wanting to graduate, but it still feels surreal that its only weeks away. So I’ve heard that your college years flash by in the blink of an eye, although I still kind of disagree with this statement. These past four years were filled with blood, sweat, and tears from the challenges presented before me – in the classroom, while on interviews, within the workplace, and at the gym (probably the most brutal there), and these times lagged on. However, overall, though the days sometimes felt like 72 hours each, the passing of years was real. I did not get to accomplish nearly any of my college bucket list goals, which I’d prefer to remain unlisted, because of failing to consider how quickly time was flying by, but I guess that’s where my personal development as a young professional comes into play, right? Hopefully…

Currently, I’m sitting on my pink, white, and yellow striped comforter that I’ve had for the last 8 years pretending that I am an adolescent; one who is naive to the times ahead and who is seeking to sink my teeth into the real world, but at the same time, I am on the other end of the spectrum as a grandmother, so to speak, who just wants to sit, relax, drink a glass of wine, and watch a TV show or a movie that sparks my interest. At the moment I am shaking my head with embarrassment for comparing myself to both a child and a grandmother.

Anyways. People keep asking me what I plan on doing after graduation and what my future goals are ahead. I want to tell them to look out for me in Forbes’ 30 under 30, but my dad keeps reminding me that I need to increase my knowledge and skills before pursuing my own business idea. I guess he’s right, considering 1. he’s a dad, 2. a small, successful business-owner, and 3. a realistic kind-of-guy, but it just stinks because I feel that my idea is innovative, but what if some no-name company releases the exact same product?! That means I’d have to start from point nowhere again. The struggle. Plus, I do need to increase my own capital prior to starting a venture that will require at least $100k to pursue.

So, you may be thinking…she totally circumvented the question. What am I doing after graduation? My honest answer: I’m not sure. I’m currently working part-time for a company I truly love, admire, and want to see exponentially grow, but I haven’t been offered a full-time position yet, and I am too anxious to ask the question. So over the next few weeks, until it is brought up by my supervisors, I have no idea…hopefully work part-time for them while pursuing another part-time position? Maybe I will approach them with the question, but I don’t want to bite the bullet too quickly. What do you think? Do you have any advice to give a lil’ old friend of yours?

Until next time,


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