Temple Made. Temple Proud.


It’s so crazy to say, but I have officially completed my undergraduates studies at Temple University. Family members have warned me that time flies, but it’s true, especially when you’re a Temple Owl. Okay fine, bad pun.

Anyways, I cannot begin to state how happy I am that I am graduating from the consistently-rising Fox School of Business.  If you knew me back in high school, you would’ve known that my heart was set on attending The George Washing University (GW) in Washington, D.C. because of the poshness and I guess the title that came with attending there.  I applied to 13 other schools within a three-hour driving radius, but I had maybe only wanted to attend two of the others upon being accepted. And as far as Temple went, I didn’t even want to apply; but something deep down inside of me still made me consider it.

I can recall it as if it were yesterday. December 22, 2012. I was accepted to Temple University while I was on my way to Boston amongst a bus full of friends; and many were beyond thrilled of this opportunity.  Although I was happy to be accepted, I wasn’t ecstatic, to say the least.

Fast forward to March 15th and my dream of attending GW was crushed; I was rejected from the university.  I felt defeated. I believed no other school would propel me to the person that I wanted to become, to the knowledge that I believed only GW would teach me, and to the experiences that I would no longer live for having been rejected from what I understood was the school of my dreams.

I remember crying in the library of Atlantic City High School to Mrs. Gaskill, the Head Librarian, about this defeat.  I remember texting my sister while wiping my tears away as I tried curtailing my sobbing, and she replied, “Forget about them! Check out Temple’s business program. It’s a newer building, located in Philadelphia (a city that you’d enjoy more than Washington, D.C.), and the business program is nationally ranked. I’ll go with you to tour the school.”

Because I was so persistent, the next day my dad, sister, and I visited Temple for the first time. I didn’t think that I could fall in love with the college grounds, opportunities, people, and city as much as I did within the few hours of walking around campus. And after visiting Fox and learning of it’s rising ranking (something that of course meant and still means a lot to me), I knew I wanted to be apart of this exceptional growth. So, I committed the next day.


Fast forward to today – I am speechless in regards to trying to explain my college experience. I was heavily involved in many different organizations freshman year, joined Alpha Xi Delta as a sophomore, took on a part-time job working for Warner Music Group the summer heading into my junior year, interned at Horizon Eye Care the summer of my senior year, began interning at Brian Communications senior year, partook in two internships for part of my last semester as a second-semester senior, and then began working part-time at one of those internships. While I know I should remain humble, I did this all while maintaining over a 3.86 GPA. To say I was busy may have been an understatement, but I constantly wish that I would’ve done more. I wish I participated in a volleyball intramural, I wish I could’ve developed a makeup-geek organization on campus, and I wish I could’ve been more involved in the Fashion and Business Club at Temple University. Although I could’ve done more, I feel very accomplished for all that I did and for everything I was apart of.


Most importantly, well… besides gaining knowledge, experience, and opportunity, I gained some of the best friends I could have ever asked for. To back track, my mom, who had also attended Temple University back in the day, is STILL best friends with her roommate she had freshman year; and this is something that I had always wanted. I always thought that a best friend from college was like a souvenir from one of the most incredible vacations one could take. And I am thrilled to say I am departing from this beyond imaginable “vacation” with not one, but TWO of these souvenirs. As cheesy as it is, I know that through Temple, I developed life-long friends who I can see growing old with – even if we end up living across the country from each other. Some of the friendships that I’ve established friendships during my time here are the truest, most honest, and most loyal relationships that I’ve ever had; and the best thing of them is that there is no pressure to be someone I’m not, but rather I am encouraged to be the goofy individual that I am. And I thank these two persons below for that unconditional friendship and support.


So, in short, I am thrilled to have attended Temple University’s Fox School of Business not only for the distinctive knowledge in which I have been immersed, but also for the opportunities, experiences, and friends it has blessed me with. Thank you, Temple. I will always fight for the Cherry and the White.


I am Temple Made. I am Temple Proud.

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