The Apartment Search is OVER.

To keep y’all in the loop in regards to the apartment search that I mentioned a few weeks ago in a different blog post, I wanted to tell you that everything has finally been settled!

I kid you not, I dragged the apartment search on, not purposely, but it could have all been avoided if I had just stuck with the place I originally planned on living in, where I will actually be living. I strolled throughout the city of Philadelphia in the g-d awful heat and humidity searching for “my” neighborhood and for the apartment that just felt “right.” However, it turns out that I will be residing in the first location I had ever visited (and fell at peace with originally).

Although this first apartment and its location felt 95% like the place for me the first time around, I really wasn’t sure if I could “settle” for it. I mean, if you’re living in Philadelphia or any city, don’t you want to be directly where all of the action is at? Don’t you want to step out of your apartment and be one with the city? Those were some of the questions I had asked myself and answered in my sleep. It’s funny to think about because the stress from this apartment search felt somewhat worse than the stress I faced prior to taking some of my toughest college finals.

But all in all, none of the apartments directly in the center of it all (in Center City) felt right. Well, one did if I didn’t have to pay an extra $300 to park my car in a garage. But even that was a studio apartment – not even a 1-bedroom, and the price for that was exorbitant!

So although I wanted to live in an apartment all by my lonesome, my parents talked me into living with my sister. This opportunity/situation has so many benefits. For instance, my sister is always trying to tear me away from being my home-body self, always experimenting with new ingredients and recipes, and is just socially active. We are COMPLETELY different individuals (which I’m nervous that it will get the best of me), but I believe that living with my older sister apart from my parents will help strengthen our friendship and relationship. And though I was totally opposed to it (considering how different we are), I am actually genuinely extremely excited to live with her! We can help motivate each other in terms of going to the gym, eating better, watching new shows, doing new things, and helping each other get ready for dates and all that jazz. So many l’chaims are meant to be had with thanks to that apartment!

Further, apart from just the idea of living with her, we will be renting a beautiful 2-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment that overlooks the Benjamin Franklin bridge. It is such a surreal building and although it’s not in the location “of my dreams,” it is a total blessing to be living amongst the community-oriented individuals that also reside there and apart of a neighborhood I want to explore more of.

Here’s to all new and good things, my friends. I hope you also have some things coming up that you’re looking forward to!

All my love,



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