How to Kill Writer’s Block: Julie’s Edition


Now that I have more time on my hands because I’m not juggling internship(s) with my academics and social life any longer, I finally have spare time to dedicate to blogging! I know it sounds horrible, but I used to want to just relax and do nothing when I could finally sit down to breathe. I probably mentioned this 500 times before, but mentioning it once more won’t hurt a soul.

What do you do when you have writer’s block? Well for me, it’s simple. I post it on Facebook and wait patiently for no one to comment on it.


I could go on all day saying how I wish this wasn’t true, but sadly it is. So, what do I do after that? Hit up Google. G-d bless Google.

You can blog-hop and read thousands of suggestions on how to kill the slump, but we all know items that we could always discuss if we run a personal website/blog like I do:

  1. “Tell us your most embarrassing moment” LETS NOT!!!
  2. “Write about a time you were extremely nervous” Who cares?
  3. “Discuss your earliest childhood memory” Yawn.
  4. “Share a secret you’ve never discussed with someone.” WHY would I want to do that?

Who has time or would want to write about these things! I mean, maybe if I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE WORLD would I share my most embarrassing moment, but even then I doubt I’d want to share that with the public.

So, I took it upon myself to come up with suggestions for what someone can do to kill writer’s block. Would I ever follow this advice? Maybe a few, but I’m trying to keep things interesting around here *insert eyes looking away emoji.*

Let’s get to it. To kill writer’s block, here are somethings you should consider doing:

  1. Approach a stranger at a coffee shop. First ask if a seat is open next to them, and if it is, sit down and ask the person questions or interview them! Then blog about your experience and share their answers if they give you consent! Side note: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this, but I am wayyyy to nervous. But how adrenalin-spiking is that!
  2. Go for a long walk if you have the time. You can go site-seeing and/or photograph your walk. Then blog about it and include how this walk made you feel.
  3. During your free time, go to a place you’ve never been. This could include a new restaurant, coffee shop, library, etc. Share your experience and discuss with your followers the characteristics of the place you chose to visit.
  4. Trying learning something new. This could include how to photograph food, how to cook lasagna, how to fly a kite, perform/write comedy, or something! You never know what activity you might find really peaceful and maybe this will open your eyes to a new blogging series.
  5. Force yourself to listen to something you hate for at least 20 minutes. Then blog about it. Whether its country music, a podcast about ants, or your mother talking (JUST KIDDING, I LOVE YOU MOM), you may grow interest in that topic/genre/”thing.” Or, you may still continue to hate it. You’ll never know until you give it a try.

So I know there are only 5 suggestions here, which honestly I do believe I’d be interested in trying most of the above (though it was questionable prior to coming up with these items), but consider giving at least one of these a shot for it could help you get over the hump of a writer’s block. It could open you up to new challenges and new ideas that you may have never considered before. Maybe I’ll even think up some more ideas to share in the future with you all.

I’d love to hear some of the items that you do if you have a writers block or things you like to do to get out of your comfort zone!

All my love,


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