To Accept the Opportunity to Challenge Yourself, or Keep Your Mindset Closed

Depending on how well you know me, you’ll know that I have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone.

While I embrace challenges in the workforce and during my academic endeavors, it’s always been hard for me to burst out of my comfort zone in social settings. For instance, I don’t care to try new places/restaurants/activities, etc. even though I want to. I’m afraid to explore these opportunities for 1. the sake of wasting money, 2. trying something I really will end up hating (not just thinking I would), and 3. wasting time. I like to stick to my tried-and-true: restaurants, movies, and others. Yes, I have joined groups and clubs that I ended up not liking, tried new makeup products that were recommended by beauty gurus, and have met guys that I thought I may not hit it off with at first.

I know these are all such silly things, but what really leads me to keeping my mind shut to these new adventures – whether they be places to eat, people to meet, or activities in which to compete? (That latter part doesn’t make too much sense, I just really wanted rhyme.)

I can’t think of a “good” answer for you because there really aren’t any; I’d be creating excuses for being a coward, point-blank, which I guess is what I’m currently doing to myself.

Although I don’t tell her this all the time, my sister, Cara, is probably the #1 person in my life to really takes advantage of these new experiences, and I “introvertedly” commend her for that. She’s always down to meet a new person, explore a restaurant or bar that just opened up, and try a cuisine she’s never had prior. She actually lives, eats, and breathes for these new beginnings. I am so appreciative of her commitment to such “escapades.”

My question is how come every time she tries to push me out of my comfort zone I ignore it? And when others who don’t know me as well as my sister does (particularly in regards to my interests and fears) lead me to try new things, why am I more willing to stray from what I know and accept their proposals rather than hers?

To Cara – sorry, dude, it’s harder for me to deny them.

So, here is my promise to be more daring and open-minded to such experiences.  My twenties should be full of risk-tasking, challenges, and finding new passions that will enhance the person who I become! It’s actually frustrating how I always say “no” to doing such. But, I am changing that approach becomes I know that this will help me grow as an individual in not only my personal and social lives, but in the endeavors I will pursue down the road in any aspect of life.

With that, a special thank you to Cara for helping me become a more-fun and adventurous me.

Are you pretty apprehensive to facing these new challenges also? Join me as we defeat our fears and become our next-level selves. Instead of being the [insert your name here] 1.0, here’s to you becoming the 2.0 version of yourself, or the [iPhone] X to keep it more current. Best of luck to all of us!

All my love,


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