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My name is Julie Ozlek and I am an aspiring marketing specialist and hopeful entrepreneur. I have strong interests in food, cosmetics, and music, and I absolutely love to blog and share my personal experiences with others. I experiment with new, creative makeup looks and create and update playlists that I develop on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. I love spending quality time with my family and friends and love learning inside both the classroom and workplace. It may sound cliché, but I really value putting forth what I learn in the classroom out in the real world and believe that through this blog, I can advance my understanding of such practices.

I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the The Fox School of Business at Temple University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I currently hold the position as the Marketing Coordinator at Soom Foods, a women-owned purveyor of premium tahini, located in the heart of Philadelphia. Here, I analyze the current digital marketing strategy and tweak it to gain insights on current sales performance and customer engagement, developed a social media strategy and continuously work on monthly content calendars to share content and execute call-to-action social media and advertising campaigns to build website sales, perform outreach to influencers to further increase brand awareness, online sales, and engagement, analyze digital analytics to measure conversion rates and social media ROI, and am working to create an e-commerce marketing strategy to increase website sales to achieve monthly goals, and perform outreach to press/publications to further increase awareness of the brand and turn these actions into sales conversions.

Over the next decade or so, I hope to gain experience in many different fields and industries, and eventually earn my MBA with a concentration in Strategy, perhaps.

Please visit my contact page should you have any future inquiries or would like to connect via social media!

All my love,


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