Interests Overview

I am interested in many different topics and activities including music, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, poetry, sports, and blogging. I also love catching a funny comedy on Netflix, television, or at the movies with friends or family.


I picked up the piano as an eight year old and took lessons until I was 14. Over the years, I developed a strong passion for music, particularly electronic dance music, alternative and indie rock, and singer-songwriter ballads. Whenever I get the chance, I sit down to research new underground and mainstream music, create playlists using 8tracks or Spotify, two separate music-sharing platforms, and share these mixes with friends and family. This interest led me to pursuing a part-time job working as a College Marketing Representative for Warner Music Group, one of the leading record companies in the world. If you’re interested in seeing some of the posts I wrote to promote artists, please click here.  Through this opportunity, I was able to explore my passion for music and decide as to whether the music industry was the road I wanted to take, which I learned it is not. However, I am very grateful for the marketing experience and skills I received and learned from this job.


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During my spare time, I also love to practice and experiment with the application of makeup. Within the past four to five years, I have built up a vast cosmetic collection with the hopes of getting into the industry some day. Through experimentation and YouTube tutorials, I have increased my makeup skills and believe I have the ability to be a freelance makeup artist on the side.

Family Bonding

One of my favorite past times is spending quality time with my family, whether my immediate family members or extended family like cousins and aunts and uncles. Most of my mom’s family resides in a small beach town in South Jersey and living, while out of school, only 3 houses away from one of my first cousins and her family is one of the highlights of living in such a small town. Every time I get the chance, I love visiting the shore and spending time shopping, cooking, watching movies, chatting, or playing games with my parents and cousins.


I am a huge believer in healing the soul through writing, as cliché as that might sound. I used to attempt to write poetry or “songs” when I was younger, but looking back at them, they were just rhyming narratives and did not entirely express the way I was feeling. In more recent years, I’ve been creatively describing what seem/ed to be “painful” hardships due to the troubles that come with love and I have found a way to express my happy days and hopeful times through poetry, too.